Our Application Process is very simple.   Click on the PDF image below to download our Lease purchase / Rent to Own Application.

Here is what we are looking for in our tenant buyers:

1) That you can afford the home?  (A good rule of thumb is gross income should be at least 3-4 times the rent.)
2) That you have cash to pay the option fee and the first months lease payment?  (typically 2-3%)
3) That you can provide verifiable landlord references & tenant history?  (at least 2 previous landlords, no evictions in last 4 years)
4) Verified Employment history and income.
5) That you can pass a criminal background check (most misdemeanors & minor infractions are okay)
6) That you are committed to restoring your credit (if credit is the issue) so you can qualify for a mortgage within 12-24 months.
7) That you really want to own the home instead of being a career renter.

If you can prove all of the simple things above on the application then you are qualified!   It is really pretty simple.

Please Download the Application, HERE.