Sell My Home without Hiring a Real Estate Agent

“Can I sell my home without a real estate agent to represent me?” This question we hear a lot here at House Sold Easy investing in residential properties across Missouri.

The straightforward answer to such an inquiry is “yes.” Some members of our professional team who have long years of experience as real estate brokers can even tell you that there is a precise industry term for this type of home selling—FSBO or for sale by owner.


Will this sell my home fast?

One caveat though for FSBOs is the homeowners’ capability to promptly take the role of the real estate agent and the many tasks it entails. These folks may then therefore wonder, “Is it possible to sell my home fast acting as my own an agent?”

This time, the frank reply would be “it depends,” as in our over 10 years of experience we very well know that marketing a residence involves a drawn-out process prone to potential delays. Such roadblocks to a fast sale could typically be exacerbated if the property owner is inexperienced, as usually is the case, in directly engaging the market.


Let’s break it down

To simplify, we can break down the real estate functions that a property owner is assuming when going for an FSBO. All these functions have pitfalls which can make you think, “Can I really sell my home fast acting as my own real estate agent?”

In acting as your own real estate agent selling your home, these are the five basic steps that you need to master:


  1. Firm up your property’s selling points

This calls more than just listing your home’s location, square footage, number of rooms, and other basic home features, which are important in marketing the property. You should also check comparable homes in your neighborhood or general community to highlight some of your property’s unique selling proposition.


  1. Price your home well

Ensure that your home is priced competitively. Your earlier exercise to check neighborhood comparable sold prices is a good start to ensure that your home for sale to make sure that you don’t overprice as is wont for homeowners with emotional attachment to their properties.


  1. List and market your property

You can try to enter your house as a sales listing in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which could cost a few hundred dollars as a flat fee listing. Besides this “Flat Fee MLS” listing, check for similar services in your locality that may better suit your needs. For added market exposure, you need to put up a “For Sale” sign in your yard, create and send out fliers, place ads in publications, or market your house online through social media sites, and classified sites like Craigslist.


  1. Stage your home for showings

Get your home market-ready by making it as attractive to buyers as it could possibly be. In addition to a thorough clean-up, upgrades or repairs are often necessary. One trick also is to depersonalize your residence by removing all your personal items so that prospective buyers can picture it as home fit to them or could be easily tweaked in a way that suits their own preference or personality.


  1. Carry out your own negotiations

This is when you yourself will negotiate the real estate purchase contract with the prospective buyer making an offer. This contract has a standard format in most states, and the buyers and sellers have to specify and negotiate the terms. The deal is closed when both parties agree on all the terms of the contract.

Given all these long-drawn activities, those asking “will my home sell fast without an agent” may be disheartened. But there’s still a quick-fix solution. Missouri property investors like House Sold Easy are experts at dealing directly with homeowners who seek ways to sell home fast. Read on, to learn more how.