Why Investors Are Your Best Friends

Why Investors are your best friends

Time is gold is one saying that most real estate investors swear by, and for this reason, they are friends to folks who need to sell a house fast. Ventures in property investments require a sizable amount of capital or at least have established fund resources to finance the purchase of a property. Entrepreneurial minds just can’t afford to let these valuable financial resources sit idle, wasting the time away.  Why Investors are your best friends is what we are are going to explain in this post.

For most property investors, there is this challenge of generating returns higher than the other forms of investments, such as in the stock market, for instance. Many among this breed of professionals in the real estate industry find personal satisfaction in being able to achieve results better than other business endeavors.

To them, the financial rewards are but secondary. For this reason, you can see plenty of real estate investors as prominent members of top investment clubs, as this is the case for our team at House Sold Easy.


Why Investors are your Best Friends

Given this mindset, investors make the best of friends for homeowners who are no longer financially capable of making monthly payments and need to sell their house fast. An investor can save you from going bankrupt or into a foreclosure. A quick deal may even help you preserve your credit score that could qualify you for a new home purchase in the future when your finances improve.

An investor would be a great solution as well if you need to urgently relocate but your house is not drawing any serious buyer for one reason or another. Maybe it isn’t market-ready or its condition is unappealing to prospective buyers. A property investor does not consider such factors and in fact typically buys houses in as-is condition, like we do at House Sold Easy.


Faster Buying Process

Precious time isn’t wasted when you deal with an investor, as the prevailing mindset is yours, which is to sell your house fast. At House Sold Easy, we can close a deal in seven days, even less. That’s a far cry from the average of about 45 days in the conventional market wherein the process could be much longer because of the complicated process involved.

Investors are seller-friendly and can do faster closings because the home sale does not rely on appraisals and financing approvals.  At House Sold Easy, what we do is just a short walk-through of the property, and from there, we can already make a fair offer to you on your home.


Why Investors are your best friends

Like true friends, investors can let you select the mode of payment most convenient to you. Outright cash payment is one option along with pre-scheduled cash payments. At House Sold Easy, our methods of payment is so flexible that we can, in certain conditions, assume your existing mortgage costs if that option makes the most sense.

In summary, dealing with investors means that no time is wasted arguing about property details.  Investors are great for buying properties fast and often pay Cash as well as close fast!  Helping you sell your property so you can move on with your life.

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