Selling Your House Fast in the Winter Months

Selling your House Fast in the Winter Months


Its Harder to Sell Your House Fast in the Winter Months…
Is that statement really true?

It sounds incredible but true: The home market even in cold-weather cities like St. Louis, MO, could be pretty vibrant in wintertime.

But why anyone would buy my house in the cold winter months, you might ask.


Slim Inventory Brings More Attention

Although there’s no hard data on this, our anecdotal experience at House Sold Easy as we buy houses across Missouri suggests that low inventory is the main reason for it. Most prospective sellers in winter think like this: “I can’t sell my home under the cover of ice and snow.”

With such a prevalent thinking, our observation as we buy houses in Missouri for over 10 years is that there are very few homes available in winter. This doesn’t mean though that potential buyers are hibernating at this time of the year. Many would remain on the prowl for an opportunity to find the home of their dream and perhaps have a preview of it in the harshest season of the year.


Multiple Offers from Less Choosy Buyers

So if your property is one of the very few available in town, it’s highly likely that your house will draw more prospective buyers than in springtime when the market is awash with fresh listings in the market.

Your home may even receive multiple offers in winter.  With fewer choices available, those typically choosy home shoppers are more inclined to scratch off the “must-haves” on their checklist and could give your house a serious look.

During our winter sorties, as we buy houses in various Missouri markets, we have also noted that most buyers are also hesitant to jump from one showing to another. The typical mindset is that once they have shortlisted their choices, these winter home shoppers are raring to speed up the buying process.


Prerequisite to a Fast Sale

Of course, a wintertime sale can be expedited fast only if a house is truly market-ready and flaunts all the bells and whistles that inspire a serious offer from a buyer. One hitch here is that bringing out that wow factor that would speed up a winter sale could only be possible if adequate time and resources have been spent making the house market ready.

Surely, you may not be in a position to do this if the reason you want to sell fast is because of financial difficulties or relocation which make your resources, time, or even energy quite limited.

But still, you can sell a property fast even in wintertime minus the expense and effort of sprucing your house up to attract serious buyers.


Cash-paying Investors: An Open Option

What you can do is turn to Missouri home investors like us at House Sold Easy. We buy houses in any condition and can close just within seven days and pay you in cash.

But is it wise to sell my home to an investor for cash, you may be wondering.

As cash-paying buyers, we are adequately funded and have a long track record of honest and fair dealings as we buy houses all over Missouri. With us, you can be sure that there will be no hidden costs on your part.

We don’t charge commission as real estate agents do. Neither do we add contingencies for inspection, appraisal, and similar costs. Call us at 636-525-1566. We’ll show you our trustworthy practices enabling property owners to sell house fast even in the coldest of winter months.

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