How to Sell House Fast Tips

Sell House Fast Tips

In our nearly a decade as real estate investors at House Sold Easy, “how to sell my house fast” is the mantra of every homeowner who often consults us. The tips that we share to them essentially cover three elements in order to put a home sale on the fast lane. The appearance of the house, pricing the property, and the marketing mix.


Let’s break these down to give you a brief overview of the essentials to sell house fast.


Improve House Appearance


Inside your house, try to create a template by which prospective buyers could imagine themselves living in. This means not only a thorough cleanup and removing your personal items. But also storing them somewhere else, say a storage house. It is highly likely for potential buyers to stumble upon the clutter touring your home if you place them in the attic or your basement.


Necessarily, making your home look impressive likewise entails prepping up your property’s curb appeal as well as sprucing up your backyard and garden. Make your porch look inviting too, ensuring that it’s spic and span with a clean doormat, potted plants and appropriate furniture if space allows. Hire a professional in home staging if you’re not up to this basic task of making your home market-ready and primed to sell house fast.



Price House Right


You may lose objectivity in pricing a pre-loved home and tend to overprice. Especially with all the time and effort you’ve spent prepping it up for sale. The best approach to avoid this common pitfall among sellers is to estimate your house’s worth based on the market value of residences of comparable vintage and square footages in your neighborhood.


Online sales listings, as well as competent professional advice, would help in this all important exercise that also set the tempo to sell house fast. You’d be a step ahead in this regard, if you consider selling to an investor. At House Sold Easy, we can quote the fair market value of a property after just a quick walkthrough of any residence, market-ready or not.


Broaden Marketing Reach


Use all media available to broaden market exposure of your home for sale. Don’t rely solely on traditional selling approaches, such as via a broker or MLS listing. Word-of-mouth dissemination could help too through friends and relatives. Tap non-traditional means such as the Internet and social media to reach as many buyers as possible.


As important, consider real estate investors, especially if your listing isn’t getting any attention from serious buyers on the market. With investors like House Sold Easy, you can skip the time-consuming and costly efforts to make your house market-ready.


We buy houses in any condition and can close a deal in as short as one week. Our team of professionals already has a well-prepared program to quickly expedite a sale starting from our home inspection up to cash payment delivery.


Sell house fast with the least of effort from your end. Call us at 636-525-1566. Contact us today!

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