Sell House Fast Overland

Sell House Fast Overland

Sell House Fast Overland


We buy houses no matter the condition or circumstance in Overland, Missouri.

The signs appear not so encouraging for homeowners in Overland who want to sell their houses fast by listing their properties on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) through the services of a commission-based real estate agent.

Recent industry data shows that sales-listed properties in this city in St. Louis County, Missouri, take an average of nearly four weeks before these listings move into “pending” status, that is the time when the seller has accepted an offer but the deal is not yet closed. The movement from date of listing to pending status is by industry jargon called “days on market.”

At House Sold Easy, as we buy houses across Missouri markets, our team of experts religiously tracks such market indicators. These data is important to us and all market watchers, because it provides a clue on the pace by which the market absorbs available home inventory.


Fast-tracking a Sale

With the current average days on market in Overland of 27 days, House Hold Easy can flaunt our track record of being able to close a deal in two weeks or even less as we buy houses across markets in Missouri. This is how we are of tremendous help to people who want to sell houses fast in Overland or any city or suburb in St. Louis.

Home sellers who deal with us don’t have to bother with listing their properties in the MLS and be bound by an agent or broker charging commission or fees. As investors, we buy houses directly from the property owners, thereby eliminating a middle man in the process.

Homeowners who want to sell houses fast can quickly start the ball rolling simply by filling out a short form. Our attentive staff can reach prospective sellers within 24 hours of initial contact.

Thereafter, we can arrange a brief walk through of the property, and our diligent team will soon come up with a fair cash offer.


Take Out the Pressure in Selling

We know that most of those who want to sell houses fast are in some financial difficulties. Thus, at House Sold Easy, we buy houses in cash and cover the closing costs. Our dedicated staff will arrange the closing with a title company and ensure that the property turnover proceeds smoothly.

We take all the steps necessary to help lighten the load of those property owners driven to sell houses fast. As we buy houses, our staff members at House Sold Easy are very well aware of the pressure that home sellers may encounter particularly when market conditions are adverse or challenging.


Time-tested Solutions

So don’t be bothered by the current slow days on market locally that look unfavorable to sell houses fast in Overland and its nearby St. Louis markets. The traditional market may now look daunting for a speedy sale, but we at House Sold Easy can save the day for you.

We buy houses fast by employing solutions that have already been proven viable and fair during our over 10 years of operations. In that span of time, our astute reading of the market has enabled us to proactively meet the real estate industry’s challenges and to help many of those adversely affected by the last housing crisis.

Our professional expertise has already been a partner to many folks who got to sell houses fast in Overland and other St. Louis areas. Call us at 636-525-1566 and be well on the way to sell your house fast!

Call today : 636-525-1566 or contact us HERE!

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