How to Increase your Zillow Zestimate

Increase your Zillow Zestimate

For the uninitiated, a Zestimate is a proprietary computation of a homes value provided by the website Zillow.  Unfortunately, the Zestimate for your home could be too low, It has been reported that the Zestimate of your home could be off by as much as 5%.  If you are trying to sell your home and get the most out of it, this can be troublesome since over 90% of home buyers are starting their search online according the the National Association of Realtors. If you feel your home value is too low you can increase your Zillow Zestimate by following these four Steps:

Step 1 : Create a Zillow account. No worries as this is free. Use your real name as Zillow may check to confirm you are the owner of homes you claim.

Step 2 : Claim your home. This brings the home to your ‘My Zillow’ tab of saved homes so you can more easily find it next time you log in. Your home may already be claimed but no worries you can claim it, this may require you to confirm some additional information and provide your name and telephone number. Again you want to provide accurate information in case Zillow checks up on it, you want your Zestimate to stick.

Step 3 : Update your home facts on Zillow. Take your time and go through all of the home facts. Be sure to update them accurately and honestly without embellishing. If you indicate you have a 3 car garage but only have a carport, chances are buyers won’t be too happy with you and it just isn’t worth wasting anyone’s time. The biggest thing to watch for that will have the most immediate impact on price are the square footage. Make sure it is correct.

Step 4: Wait! Unfortunately, this is the hardest part, but Zillow’s program can take time to reflect the changes you made, especially if they are not deemed to be significant

Why this method works is straightforward; Zillow relies on public data about your home to determine its Zestimate.  If the data is not accurate the Zestimate will not be accurate. So any improvements or features of your home not report on Zillow that you correct will have a positive impact on your home and in turn lead to an increase your Zestimate.



10 comments on “How to Increase your Zillow Zestimate

  • Our home has an undated: kitchen, family room, all 3 bathrooms, 2 of the bedrooms, all new windows, new window treatments and flooring. In fact our home has been updated frequently as our tastes and needs have changed.

    • Thanks for your feedback Mike! You can log into zillow and update some of the information about your home which can change the zestimate. You can now also dispute the Zestimate and work with Zillow to adjust this estimate.

  • Tricia Fidone says:

    wanting to sell my home, would like some info from your agency
    about how you operate?? Are you a bank loan company or etc.””
    do you use a title company? I think that is an important point for
    any transaction I would want to be part of,’
    thank You

  • Patricia Fidone says:

    The house has 3 bedrooms 1 bath and acre+.16 of land, there is a chain link fence around the house itself, the rest of the land is open with lots of newer plantings of drought resistant conifers and other seasonal trees and plantings, the house has a swamp cooler for summers here and an electric pellet stove for heat, also the rest of the house has all electric fittings, making it easier to eventually convert to solar.Also the home has Bureau of Land Management backing up the east side of the home for extra privacy, as yet the perimeter is unfenced, this home allows for 2 horses, would be a great horse set up if one wishes.

  • In the Las 5 years my home has new carpet, new Air-conditioning, new windows, new main drain, a porch that wasn’t there and lots remodeling in the patio, is really nice.
    In the last 2 years my kitchen has new appliances, countertop, zinc, vanity, the last year new modern refrigerator, and this month new light.
    The laundry works perfectly.
    Some remodeling in the bathrooms, the dining and the living room is wite tile like new.
    Brand new fans with light in the master bedrooms and brand new light in the living and dining area a month ago.
    I think the price that you stimate at Least without the porch that really improve the house and the new Air-conditioning and windows.

  • George L Williams says:

    I live at 9804 s utica evergreen Park 60805 since June I have up dated my home with new drive way & patio new attic insulation and new entry door with security door and installed all new Windows. and new garage over head door with new service door the total cost is $30.000.00 I need this information included in my home value.

  • Zestimates cannot capture what is in a house. The details and choices each owner makes will greatly effect it’s value. Whether you chose box standard Home Depot cabinets or fine carved wood…Zillow can’t know. Whether you bought a 1ton or 3ton with a 17SEER rating…can’t be indicated. There’s too much to mix into the valuation for Zillow to be making these basline estimates. It’s unfair to the discerning owner, buyer, or seller. When you see an asking price that’s way out of Zillows range – you’ll have to question why. Ppl don’t price their homes to not sell….they reflect the amount of quality and care a person has invested into their property.

  • Zillow staff, how can we increase our zestimate of an upgraded home when none of the “upgrades” are on the home facts page??? For example, we purchased a home in 2011 and have probably put about $50,000 into it. It looks like a completely different home inside and out but none of those features are able to check off on the home facts. Things such as complete new landscaping outdoors, complete exterior painting with addition of stonework added to the home, new gable shingles, shutters, new appliances in the kitchen, new mable countertops, new marble backsplash, wood beams added to the living room vaulted ceiling, new interior paint, new carpet. None of these things show up to check off on the home faacts but I know would increase the value tremendously. The zestimate is basing everything off of what the home looked like when we purchased it in 2011, and like I said….VERY different. We had market analysis last year by 4 realtors and it was appraised at $420 (one year ago so I’m sure even higher now!!) My zestimate mean is showing only $386. This will definitely hurt our resale because when buyers see any home is several thousand above zestimate, they just assume it’s overpriced. But this isn’t so. Advice ??? Thanks!

  • Bought house for very good price from someone I knew, could say as gift. The problem is, how to adjust the value of my house on zillow since now is 100k bellow and I put 40k into renovation but the value is still only 42k and the house should be worth near 200k.

  • Roger Millet says:

    I agree with several of these comments and can identify completely with the one from KB August 2020. I leave in an area in Fair Oaks Ca. Where I see homes in my area that are much smaller are not as updated as mine with estimates of value as much or more than mine. I have a nice home with many updates. New e3 windows $30,000.00, new front door 5000.00, new 1300sq. Foot patio 25,000.00 dollars. New paint, new gutters, replaced carpet with hardwood floors throughout home and new air and heat twin system. A 50 year architectural roof 12 years ago. $7000.00 iron fence almost $100,000. In upgrades over last 12 years most being in the last 2 years the estimates are like the home was never touched in last 30 years. The estimates being off by 5% is not close to the correct value. We are in the midst of starting upgrades to kitchen and bathrooms with a cost of almost $65000.00. Currently showing this home value at $716,000.00 when being reserved about the estimate it currently with out kitchen and bathroom upgrades should be valued at between $300.00 to $325 per sq. Foot not the $250 per square foot + or – currently shown. I will be going on Zillow to show upgrades and would expect the estimate conservative to reflect $850,000 to 875,000 and completing kitchen upgrades and bathrooms $935,000 to 950,000. So yes unless unless I take the time to correct Zillow it is unfair that they show a value at all for my home. Making it my business and time to try and correct this.


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