5 Reasons Why I Chose an Investor to Buy My House

True, it was a blessing for me having inherited a Missouri residential property early this year. But being based out of state, it was a piece of good fortune that I had no choice but to dispose of and find an interested party to buy my house quickly.

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Having no firm real estate experience, the conventional route of enlisting the services of a realtor was my initial thought on how to solve the problem of finding someone who’ll buy my house fast. But here’s the rub, my initial research online revealed an intimidating web of processes when selling an inherited property. Such steps as probate application, settling capital gains and property taxes, among other things are just all alien to me.

My life saver though was that property investors have a strong presence in St. Louis whom I later learned were drawn by the proliferation of local foreclosures as an offshoot of the last housing crisis. With just a few phone calls, a bit of comparison shopping, and checking with the local Better Business Bureau, I got a legitimate investor to buy my house without too much hassle.

Given this pleasant experience, I could share the five reasons below why I turned to an investor to buy my house instead of me going through the traditional real estate market.

1. Streamlined Processes

The investor whom I contracted to buy my house made the probate process easier, tackling much of the burden in settling the tax obligations of the inherited property and other related nitty-gritties. Paperwork became much simpler for me as the investor I got already has streamlined processes on purchases of inherited properties.

2. Stress-free Transaction

The investor’s speedy action on the sale took the stress out in finding the right party to buy my house at such an unfortunate circumstance of grieving for a loved one. All my concerns on the transactions were promptly addressed, giving me peace of mind on the disposal of the property.

3. Fair Cash Offer

My deal with the investor who wanted to buy my house produced a fair and transparent offer, with cash guaranteed. I was given ample time to consider the offer and compare it with current market values. There was no pressure on me at all even as this investor expressed keen interest to buy my house.

4. As-Is Purchase Okay

My initial fear was that I won’t find someone to buy my house quick, because it was so in so poor condition. I just don’t have the time or the money to make it more presentable to a buyer. This was no problem, however, to the investor who is willing to buy my house as-is.

5. No Agent, No Fees

Had I found someone to buy my house through the conventional market, a fee or commission would have been charged by a real estate agent. In closing the sales deal with an investor, I likewise avoided paying a home inspector or spend money on house repairs.

Summing it up, this experience of mine should make for a fine reference for those who might find themselves in a similar situation. To a great extent, I owe a debt of gratitude to the investor who exerted all the efforts to buy my house quickly and spare me from the stress of selling my inherited property.

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