Biggest Turn-Offs for Home Buyers

home buyer turn offs

Nobody can make you spend a fortune to stage the whole house, but there are some common issues that you should do anything to avoid. Do at least the minimum and declutter, clean and paint your rooms in neutral colors. These smart moves will prepare your house for sale and will prevent prospective home buyers from running for the doors. There is a lot more you can do to spruce up your home, but whatever you do, never forget to make sure none of these turnoffs is present in your home:


Curb Appeal will Turn Off Home Buyers

Of course curb appeal is the first impression that your potential buyers will gain from your home. Like greetings and handshakes for people, curb appeal is essential for the overall impression of the home and you should always keep that in mind. Even the least detail counts when it comes to enhancing the appearance of your home, so do not hesitate to trim and edge the yard. Mulching the beds and trimming the trees is possible to turn your front lawn from dull and forbidding to a welcoming and beautiful garden. Check and clean the space above your front door to get rid of wasp and bird’s nests that can make your potential buyer run screaming.


Filth and Clutter turns off Home Buyers

There is hardly a bigger mistake you can make than bringing potential home buyers into your house while it is not at its best possible condition. Dirt and dust and are absolutely enough to ruin every good impression you have ever managed to make and can really discourage people to proceed further with the negotiations. It is of crucial importance to give the place a thorough domestic cleaning and make sure that everything is immaculate before showing it to prospective buyers. Realtors even recommend hiring a professional cleaning agency if you are not sure you can fight the dirt.

It is a great idea to go the extra mile with steam-cleaning your tiles and grout and replacing the old carpets. However, if your carpeting is relatively new, a deep carpet cleaning will do miracles and is very likely to even raise the value of your property. Grime and any type of clutter can truly derail any showing, so be careful and keep your home clean and tidy all the time. Take your time to do the dirty dishes and get rid of the mess.


Any Type of Odors turns off Home Buyers

Realtors say that buyers often buy with their noses. Kitchen, bathroom, cigarette and pet odor are surely huge turn-offs not only for buyers, but even for family members and guests. Making sure that your home smells fresh is essential regardless of whether you want to sell it or not. Fish, greasy and fried food leave strong smell, so it will be very good if you stop cooking these while your property is on the market. Smoking inside the house is also a thing you have to reconsider as it is not only a buyers’ turn-off, but it is also harmful to the whole family. Professional cleaners may be able to help you get rid of these unpleasant odors, but it is wiser just to reduce their sources.

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