Best Options for Selling Mom’s House

Best Options for Selling Mom's House

Be prepared for a tough grind if there’s a need for selling mom’s house. Because her age already demands that she move to a nursing home or live with you.

Realistically speaking, the best options for siblings selling parents’ homes would primarily revolve around patience, lots of it. Thinking of ways to sell house fast may even be just secondary.

Highlight the Positives

Leaving a home, especially a long-time residence, can be an extremely emotional experience particularly for seniors who would be leaving plenty of memories in the house. Their minds have to be conditioned that moving to a new home is a step positive to their welfare.

As much as possible, the parent or parents should be prepared for the home sale process. This means that no matter their advanced age, they should be active participants in the steps that in the end may still open the possibility to sell house fast.

Iron Out the Legalities

Taking the time to talk with an aged mom about the current home selling practices and what to expect should help ease some of her fears about moving. In the home selling prerequisites of clearing the house, remodeling, marketing and receiving offers, she should be an active participant.

In the first place, sale of her house cannot proceed without her consent as the owner. If she becomes infirm or incapacitated, she needs to give power of attorney to somebody to act on her behalf.

Seek Guardianship Approval

If you haven’t been granted that power of attorney, the only way that you can sell her house is to file with the court for guardianship. This, however, can be an expensive and complicated process wherein the court is involved each step of the way.

For instance, details of a sale, such as the price, need court approval. Such court decisions could take months, surely a deterrent to sell house fast.

Pursue Contracts and Titles

Marketing the house could be very difficult as well, because here’s the thing. Petition for court approval cannot be filed until there is a signed buying contract for the house. This contract should state that the sale is subject for court review and approval. A clause that could discourage a lot of potential buyers who don’t want to deal with such legal complexities.

There may be a problem too with the title company for which a power of attorney may not be acceptable. There are cases when title companies raise questions on when a parent had the capacity to grant and sign a power of attorney. Some may still ask for your mom’s signature or talk to her to confirm if she indeed gave you the legal right to sell her house.

Deal with Industry Professionals

The bottom line is this: Sale of a parent’s house is, more often than not, a rocky road that bar efforts to sell house fast. Along the way, there are many tough emotional and legal issues.

House Sold Easy can help eliminate the latter which in the end could contribute in easing the emotional stresses to sell a parent’s house. We not only have the market expertise and ready funding to help folks who need to sell house fast. Within our arms’ length reach too are the legal resources that could fast-track the home selling process for those selling their parents’ house.

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