Avoid Becoming a Problem Pet Owner with This Neighborly Advice

Every neighborhood has that one neighbor. The one who never thinks about the people living around him/her. When you’re that neighbor with a dog, you could be putting others in danger or at the very least causing major annoyances. Thankfully, easy to avoid becoming the neighborhood nuisance. Just keep the following tips mind when you’re caring for your dog at home.


Pick Up That Poo

If you really want to annoy your neighbors, leaving your dog’s poop in their yard is sure to do the trick. Cleaning up after your pet is your responsibility to your dog, your neighbors and the environment. Attach a bag dispenser to your dog’s leash to keep a bag supply available on walks. If your neighbors have grass, try to keep your dog off of it or think about carrying a little spray bottle to rinse stains away. Back in your own yard, use a scooper or bags to pick up waste as well. You wouldn’t want to attract flies or other pests that could become a problem for you and your neighbors.


Keep Your Pup From Wandering Around

When you care for your dog, you want to keep him/her safe. One of the best ways to do so is to secure your dog during outside play or walk time. When taking your pet outside, make sure you use a collar/harness and leash, even if you’re just going out to check the mail. Dogs are easily distracted and you don’t want your pup running off into the neighbors’ yards or into the road. If you want added security, with a little freedom for your dog, think about installing a fence in your backyard. It costs around $1,643 to $3,587 to install a fence and the peace of mind over keeping your pet safe will be well worth it.

Be Cautious of Excessive Noise

To avoid noise complaints or simply annoying neighbors, it’s wise to get problem barking under control. While most neighbors appreciate a protective pooch, no one is ever fond of that little guy who needs to alert everyone when a leaf falls. If possible, keep your dog indoors during quiet hours and avoid letting them outside without supervision. You can also try to complete some training to end barking. Many dogs simply bark due to anxiety, so training can help give your neighbors’ ears a break and your pup more confidence.


Lay Down Some Rules For Public Appearance

One of the best places to make friends with your neighbors is on walks and at area parks. But your dog needs to be well-behaved to make a good impression. Teach your dog a few basic etiquette tips before you venture out in public. Your dog should know how to heel, sit, and stay to start with, but it’s also convenient to complete training around meeting other dogs and people. You can spend time training your dog at home or look for a local training course to give you pointers and get your pup on track.


Take Care of Health Issues

Keeping your dog healthy should already be a top priority, but also it can prevent disease and parasites from spreading through your neighborhood. Make sure your dog takes a monthly heartworm preventative and use an effective form of flea control. Fleas can spread quickly between lawns, so if you find them in yours, use a pet-safe insecticide to get rid of them. Fleas do more than bite. They can transmit tapeworms to your dog, other pets and even to you, so keep your dog, yard and home pest-free and free from worry.

No one wants to be that neighbor. The best way to be a responsible neighbor is to just try to be a responsible pet owner. To make sure you and your dog don’t become problems for the people living around you, practice some basic pet etiquette and take good care of your pet.

Photo Credit: Pexels


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