Add the Most Value to Your Home for the Lowest Cost

Add the Most value to your Home for the Lowest Cost by House Sold Easy

Weather you are getting ready to sell your home and want to increase the value or have decided to stay in your home until the market improves, you want to spend your home improvement dollars wisely to increase your homes value. We suggest managing your budget by focusing on the most cost effective improvements. Outside of the Kitchen what are the best ways to increase the value of your home? Below are some helpful tips from House Sold Easy on projects that add the most value to your Home for the Lowest Cost!


  • Don’t do a major overhaul on the Kitchen. We would be remiss not to list this as it is the heart of the home and updating your kitchen is likely going to give you the biggest return for your dollar. However, there are several things you can do in the kitchen outside of a full remodel that will increase the value of your home. Give those cabinets a facelift, if you have older quality wooden cabinets consider painting them instead of replacing them. A bright clean white is always in style. Another trick to update the look of the kitchen is replacing the cabinet hardware. This can freshen the look of the kitchen and really make a difference in the buyers opinion of the space and ultimately the price you sell your home for. If you have a bit more in your budget, consider upgrading the appliances to stainless. This trend is not going anywhere and makes the space look modern. If you can consider upgrading one of the appliances to a high end appliance and others that match the style but may not be top dollar appliances. Buyers will spot the nice high end appliance and presume all are top quality.


  • Freshen up the Bathrooms. Similar to your kitchen but smaller. The Bathrooms have a big impact on buyer’s opinions of the house and the amount they are willing to pay. Consider painting older outdated cabinetry and replacing the counter tops. This smaller counter space is in the bathroom is cheaper than replacing all countertops in the kitchen and can have a big impact on the feeling of the room. Make sure you clean and re-caulk the tub and vanity. Even a more modern elongated bowl higher seated toilet can be found at lower price points, around $100 at most hardware stores and can have a nice impact on the space. If you’re going to replace the sink consider a pedestal sink as it looks modern and clean. The flooring can be replaced with inexpensive vinyl which actually holds up really well, and can be installed directly over existing flooring.


  • Clean it up. This is our most budget friendly tip and one of the most important. You must clean out all of your clutter before listing your house. No one wants to walk into a space that is filled with someone else’s junk. If you have a large collection of personal items consider renting a storage space while you are in the selling and moving process. The PODS or SAM systems are great for this. Next take a good look at your carpet and get the stains out! Rent cleaner or hire professionals to really bring them back to life.


  • Paint..or don’t paint! Another idea that you don’t have to do. If your walls look good and are semi modern colors or neutral don’t overdo it. Use a Mr. Clean magic eraser to remove small scuffs and touch up with extra paint you stored in the basement. If you do need to update the colors a bit you can get buy with painting one or two rooms. Consider painting the front entry way or front room as this is the first room buyers see and is the initial impression when they walk in the house. I know another First Impression, but it makes a difference. Another easy painting project is to paint the front door.


  • Get the pictures done right. The National association of Realtors estimate that 90% of home buyers are shopping online for their next home. This means they are looking at pictures…so having the right photos is critical to get the most out of your home. If you are going to do them yourself use a DSLR instead of your phone. If you don’t have one consider borrowing one from a friend. Or have a professional come to take photographs. The difference will amaze you, using the right equipment is important, but knowing how to get the most out of it is an art. Check out That One Summer, All photos in this blog compliments of them. The difference is noticeable.


  • Add a Bedroom. That’s right, add a bedroom to really up the resale value! We aren’t talking about a room addition but think about that office or den that goes unused most of the time. If you have a space like this consider adding a door and a closet and Viola! Another bedroom!


  • Ask a professional. Invite a Realtor or Interior Designer over to your home. Many realtors will do a free consult while designers may charge a small fee. These are experts in the real estate world and their tips can go a long way toward making your home more inviting and ultimately can increase the resale.


  • Plant a tree! Spend some time outside and remember that curb appeal counts. While the online photos are your buyers first impression, the view from the street is the first impression they get in real live so make it count. I know…another First Impression, right. Trim overgrown shrubs and bushes, add a tree or flowers where needed and keep the outside looking tidy.


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